Download your Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Product Safety Data Sheet (PSDS) are essential components of product stewardship, occupational safety and health, and spill-handling procedures. SDS setups can differ from source to source within a country depending on national requirements. Need help or can’t find your sheet? Feel free to contact us.



Carbon Dioxide

2% Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen - Aerosol

15% vol Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen

Carbon Monoxide

50ppm Carbon Monoxide Air – Aerosol

150ppm Carbon Monoxide Air - Aerosol

20ppm Carbon Monoxide Air

100ppm Carbon Monoxide Air

200ppm Carbon Monoxide Air


10ppm Chlorine Nitrogen



Gas Mixtures

10ppm H2S 50ppm CO 2.5% Ch4 18% O2 in Nitrogen

10ppm H2S 300ppm CO 1.45% CH4 15% O2 in Nitrogen

20ppm H2S 60ppm CO 1.45% CH4 15% O2 in Nitrogen

25ppm H2S 50ppm CO 2.5% CH4 12% O2 Nitrogen

25ppm H2S 100ppm CO 1.1% Propane 19% O2 in Nitrogen

25ppm H2S 100ppm CO 2.5% CH4 20.9% O2 in Nitrogen

40ppm H2S 100ppm CO 2.5% CH4 15% O2 Nitrogen

25ppm H2S 50ppm CO 0.9% i-Butane 12% O2 Bal N2

25ppm H2S 50ppm CO 1.1% Propane 20.9% O2 Bal N2

8% n-Butane 13.8% CO2 bal N2

20ppm Hydrogen Sulphide 1.1% Propane Nitrogen

25ppm H2S 1.1% vol CH4 100ppm CO 18% O2 N2

25ppm H2S 100CO 2.2CH4 18O2 N2

25ppm H2S 100ppm CO 2.5% vol Methane 18% vol O2 N2

15ppm H2S 2.2% CH4 50ppm CO-2% CO2 18% O2 N2

1.35% vol Ethylene Air - 50% LEL Ethylene Air

5% vol Carbon Dioxide 21% vol Oxygen Nitrogen

15ppm H2S 2.2% CH4 50 ppm CO 2% CO2 18% O2 N2

Hydrogen Air

Hydrogen Sulphide

25 ppm Hydrogen Sulphide Nitrogen - Aerosol

25 ppm Hydrogen Sulphide Nitrogen

25 ppm Hydrogen Sulphide Air

40ppm Hydrogen Sulphide Nitrogen


0.9% vol Isobutane Air - Aerosol

10% vol Iso- butane Nitrogen - Aerosol

0.75% vol Iso- butane Air

0.9% vol Isobutane Air

0.9% vol Iso-butane 20.9% Oxygen Nitrogen

0.75% n-butane Air - 50% LEL - Aersol

10% vol Iso - butane Nitrogen




Nitrogen(7727-37-9) - Aerosol


0.7% Pentane Air - Aerosol

0.7% Pentane Air (50%LEL)


1.1% Propane Air - Aerosol

4%Vol.Propane Nitrogen

50% Vol. Propane Nitrogen