Every batch of produced calibration gases will be randomly tested after production and provided with a Certificate of Analysis. Also known as gas certification or gas certificate.

1. What is a gas certificate of analysis?

A Certificate of Analysis is an official document that shows that specific products have undergone scientific tests with specified results. The Certificate of Analysis is mostly used for the following products: food, wines and spirits, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Manufacturers are required by the FDA to provide a certificate of Analysis for each produced batch of these products. In this case, it concerns a Certificate of Analysis for calibration gases.

2. Which classifications apply?

The Certificate of Analysis for calibration gases is produced in accordance with ISO 6141. The certified results are traceable to gas reference materials, or to mass traceable to national standards.

3. Who does the gas certification?

As well the testing of a batch of calibration gases as the certification is performed by the gas manufacturer. The manufacturer randomly tests certain calibration gases from a produced batch, compares the test results with the maximum deviation the calibration gas is allowed to have and then approves or rejects the batch. A Certificate of Analysis is drawn up for each approved batch.

4. What information should a gas certificate of analysis contain?

The Certificate of Analysis for calibration gases should contain the supplier information, the date on which de certificate was issued, the date the calibration gas was produced, the analysis date, the expiry date, the product description, the nominal values, the actual values, the measuring unit, the expanded uncertainty, the analytical freq. and the analytical method.

5. Why is gas certification important?

With a Certificate of Analysis, you can be sure that the calibration gas that you use is approved within the allowed deviation that the calibration gas may have. This gives you the assurance that you are using high-quality calibration gas when calibrating your gas detectors. This is important because the results of calibrating your gas detectors should be as accurate as possible.