Butane gas C4H10 is a flammable LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) that is mostly used for cooking, fuel in lighters and as calibration /test gas.

1) What is Butane Gas

Butane gas is a hydrocarbon with the molecular formula C4H10. At room temperature, butane gas is colourless, odourless and flammable. Flammable (or combustible) gas means that a particular type of gas is explosive when that gas is mixed with air or oxygen in the right proportions. Examples of flammable gases are propane, hydrogen, butane, methane, ethylene, acetylene, ammonia, ethane and silane.

Butane calibration gas is used for calibration of gas detectors or other gas detection equipment but also for cooking. Most people will recognise butane gas from their camping items for use in a tent or caravan. Butane is also utilised in a mixture with propane as a fuel in cigarette lighters. Further butane is used in gas cylinders used by roofers and plumbers. Because the boiling point of butane is -0,5 degrees Celsius, butane will be liquid with temperatures lower than -0,5 degrees Celsius. Therefore propane is more useful as fuel for cooking.


Iso-butane is an isomer of the gas n-butane. Just like butane, iso-butane is amongst others for example propane an LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). Iso-butane has the same chemical formula (C4H10), but iso-butane has a different arrangement of atoms.

2) How to store Butane gas

Because butane gas is a flammable gas, it is essential to store butane or iso-butane gas correctly. You should store butane gas in a closable and dark area. Keep the cylinders away from heat, sparks, flames or hot surfaces at all costs. Keep the area in which butane gas is stored ventilated and cool, and away from any consumable beverages.

3) How to transport butane gas

To transport butane gas either by road, sea or air. You need to have the proper documentation. To transport butane gas legally you need to be in possession of Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Product Safety Data Sheet (PSDS). SDS sheets are an essential component of product stewardship, occupational safety and health, and spill-handling procedures. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) is a widely used system for cataloguing information on chemicals, chemical compounds, and chemical mixtures. There are different requirements for transporting butane gas, depending on the country. Or download your Butane safety data sheet on our download page.