Gas Detectors

Gas detectors are instruments which detect the attendance of gases in an area or room. This area or room could be for example in confined spaces of ships. A gas detector comes in two different variants. Variant one could be a portable gas detector which a person carries with him for personal safety. Variation two could be a fixed gas detection system which controls the security of an area or a confined space. Gas detectors are used to detect combustible gases, toxic gases and oxygen. When an unsafe condition occurs due to a gas leak, the gas sensor will provide a sounding alarm, a visual alarm and readable alarm on the display. These signals will give a user or persons the warning of the presence of an unsafe situation. This notification opens up the opportunity to leave the dangerous area or confined space.

Gas detectors are most commonly used in the industry, shipping, offshore, (petro) chemical industry, firefighting, etc. But with buying a detector alone, you are not quite there yet. Gas detectors need to be calibrated and certified according to international regulations, before a given time. Read everything about the calibration of gas detectors in our blog.